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Top 100 Global Environmental & Sustainability Consultancy Firm Rankings

Unique dataset ranking the Top 100 firms in terms of E&S consulting revenue


Environment Analyst’s comprehensive rankings of the Top 100 Global Environmental & Sustainability (E&S) Consultancy Firms is out now.

Compiled through rigorous research of, and engagement with, the leading firms, this unique dataset ranks the Top 100 global firms in terms of E&S consulting revenue (from FY 2022).

If you are not a member, please visit our website or contact us to enquire about accessing the report.

These 100 firms represent $35.5bn in E&S consulting revenues in 2022, up 21.2% from $29.3bn in 2021. E&S consulting revenues grew at a faster rate than group revenue, which grew by 11.9% from $400.7bn in 2021 to $448.4bn in 2022. This outpacing of growth was driven by elevated demand for sustainability and ESG services encompassed by an industrywide growing priority for clients and customers of organisations within the list.


Data on a Touch Pad


Discover the firms who are leading in embedding sustainability

Benchmark yourself against competitors

Inform your business and investment decisions with our independent dataset


We collaborate with environmental and sustainability consultancies worldwide to produce unique reports, datasets and profiles, highlighting the leading players and regional, service and client sector dynamics influencing the sector

The report and accompanying Excel data pack offers a unique window on the E&S consulting market dynamics, and includes: 

  • Executive summary of the market

  • Industry rankings tables

  • Benchmark data and KPIs (including year-on-year growth, average contract value, revenue per head and profitability)

  • Revenue breakdowns by company, region, service area and client sector (for the latest FY2022 year and a decade of historic data)

  • Industry M&A transaction & structure analysis

  • Forecast market growth by region, client sector and service area to 2027

Global Environmental & Sustainability Consulting Strategies and Market Assessment

Global Competitor Analysis Profile Series

These data-rich profiles have been compiled through rigorous research and engagement with the profiled firms and are updated for the latest financial year figures and KPIs (for FY2022). They include: 

  • Our unique strategic assessment

  • M&A details and independent SWOT analysis

  • Revenue totals/growth and staff details over time at group level and for the firms’ E&S consulting activities – which are evaluated by geographic location, service area and client sector

  • Full appraisal of their U.S. business (where relevant)

ESG Strategies: Accelerating Impact and Net Zero Goals in Consultancy

We assess how 50 leading global environmental & sustainability consulting firms are reporting and acting on the climate and ESG imperative, to help you make sense of the claims and pledges being made. The report includes:

  • Detailed company profiles assessing 50 firms' ESG progress using our unique, stakeholder perception analysis and sector-specific ratings system

  • Introduction and recommendations

  • Consultants and the climate disclosure landscape

  • Net zero heroes: divergent pathways and progress

  • ESG impact: beyond emissions

  • Methodology

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